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“No drama. No Ego. Just solid hard work.”

Pixels 360's team provide valuable design and engineering services to help create one of VMware's most strategic online platforms. They communicate frequently and address challenges promptly, allowing for a professional and successful partnership. They ARE the hardest workers in the room.

- Andy Morris, VMware


If you are considering using the Pixels 360 team, this is a no-brainer decision. The entire team are incredibly talented and just plain fun to work with. They combine strong graphics design/creative skills with a strong technical team for a fantastic one-stop solution. I’ve been working with the Pixels team for 7+ years now, and they have never let me down.

- Rick Burke, aPriori


Pixels 360 has been my go-to resource for design for the past ten years. They are the perfect combination of creative and technical talent with an unwavering focus on client service. I know I can always rely on the team to go the extra mile. There is no firm out there like them!

- Anna Walsh, LYONSCG